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! FIRST Smart Day Trading Software


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Download NOW for FREE Full package trial. FIRST is especially designed to forecast intra-day price movements of the financial markets. The program is a result of research into the behaviour of market participants when the market price approaches predetermined price levels generally termed resistance or support.

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At, we are dedicated to help day traders achieve success in the shortest amount of time possible. Our proprietary trading system have been extensively tested on various futures product. We managed to record an average monthly gain of more than 50% trading the Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 Index Futures. Sign up for our Free real-time day trading signal and trade your way to success. We also offer our superior Trading System complete package at a very affordable price.

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TRADE OF THE DAY A long or short recommendation on a stock to be executed during the first 30-45 minutes of trading and to be closed the same day. (Not to be confused with "scalping" or multiple day trades. This is one round trip, we buy in the morning we sell in the afternoon) 1-10-00 thru 7-7-00 ROR% :157%

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Capital Berkeley Trading Systems

Capital Berkeley, LLC is a proprietary trading firm that specializes in derivative investment strategies and the development of automated trading systems. We offer monthly leases on our publicly traded systems. Auto-execute through a qualified broker or trade on your own with identical signals (from your own desktop).

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“Eclipsed-DT” is a unique change of trend system that only day trades all primary economic sectors of the world commodity futures markets: the stock index group, the financial group, the metals group, the energy group and the agricultural group. Investors can select to focus on one sector of the economy, several groups or all of them based on where he feels we are in the economic cycle. We also advise on market system swaps

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Market Auction Trading System (MATS). A trading system unlike any other. MATS is not a fundamental or technical approach to trading, but based on the market's own price discovery mechanism, the dual-auction process. Exact entry and exit prices for consistent profits.

Review It Rate It time trading signals for e-mini SP500 futures offers real time trading signals for e-mini SP500 futures, generated by Igaluku Trading System. You can find our equity results and subscribe for our service for only $89 per month .

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Index Timing & Trading Systems

QQQ, Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, Dow Jones Index, Options & Mutual funds trading systems. These market timing systems have netted investors anywhere from 200-5000% over 2 years by making only 10-20 simple and conservative trades per year. 30-day free trial.

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QQQ Market Timing

An effective and stable index trading system for trading QQQ, SPDRs, DIA, which includes pre-close email alerts. 30-day money-back guarantee.

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QQQ Trading System

QQQ timing signals with 10-20 conservative trades a year. 112% gains over the past 12 month.

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