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C.W. Henderson & Associates, Inc.

C.W. Henderson & Associates, Inc. is a professional investment counseling firm specializing in tax-exempt municipal securities. We offer a value-added approach for both individuals and institutions seeking to maximize after-tax returns from their municipal portfolios.

Review It Rate It is a premium financial web site that focuses on Taxes and Financial Planning. The purpose of this site is to provide financial information you can trust. contains several articles, financial calculators, answers to frequently asked questions, tips, and other useful information. Site also contains the largest collection of accounting jokes on the Internet.

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Tax guides and services (preparation, entities, and consulting) for futures traders.

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Consults traders on tax solutions, reviews or prepares their tax returns, and sets up business entities and retirement plans. also specializes in hedge-fund creation and management, and offers trader its own line of trader tax guides and trade-accounting software.

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Jackson Hewitt

Experts in tax return preparation and processing, promising fast, accurate, trustworthy professional service for each customer. Visit Jackson for useful tools, tips, and financial resources, including a Tax Resource Center, Tax Calculators, Tax Tips, Tax Glossary, State and Federal Tax Law Changes, and Current Tax News.

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Tax Planning for the Sale of Securities

Tax planning for investors with regard to stock options, 1244 stock, qualified small business stock, and ISOs and AMT.

Review It Rate It by Green & Company, Inc.

Tax guides and services for Traders in securities and commodities. 1998 Trader Tax Guide & Questionnaire and 1998 Trader Tax Return Examples Guide. 1999 mark-to-market elections. Tons of free tax information and resources for Traders.

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